HD-SDI to HDMI Converter


Helped to bring video converter to manufactuing

Kinotehnik was born as a response for the DSLR video community looking for affordable, yet top quality LCD viewfinder. After its notable success, they are now venturing further into design and development of photo and video accessories and needed SDI to HDMI converter for their LCDVFe electronic viewfinder.

Kinotehnik guys started tinkering with the SDI to HDMI converter idea after they launched their LCDVFe series which had only HDMI input (suitable for DSLR cameras) and discovered that many of the higher end cameras users needed their equipment to work with SPI signal. Result of the design process was aluminum converter with a 15-mm mounting hole so that it can be easily installed to any rig system.

Technical challeces we helped them to overcome:

  • Finding the right ASIC suitable for the task
  • Designing efficient power supply with wide voltage range, meaning that any rig battery can be used with the D-Tap cable


ScienceMosaic team helped them over the roadblocks with converter hardware design and is also manufacturing partner for the electronics part ever since.