We are the partner of choice for world-class hardware design and embedded software development - helping semiconductor companies and device manufacturers create innovative products and solutions and dramatically increase their speed-to-market while improving their cost efficiency. We serve OEMs across different industries, including scientific equipment, telecom, video and multimedia, security and identification, and more.

Bigdata & IoT

Collecting, storing and analyzing data from industrial sensors, network logs and other machinery connected to the so-called Internet of Things has become more feasible because of the emergence of big data technologies. ScienceMosaic has created innovative toolchain that remove the technical barriers and traditional high costs involved in analyzing huge datasets. Good bigdata tools mean, that relevant information is timely and securely extracted from noise and made accessible to every counterpart who need it.


Our software development team concentrates on what to build, and why, and our seasoned project managers ensure you understand our process every step of the way. For some clients we do full-scale development work. Most of our work these days are variations of web-applications and hardware user interfaces. Sometimes we do maintenance and help companies get started a new product with right architecture before the in-house development team takes over.


Before the computers are powered up, the ScienceMosaic starts with pen and paper. Architecture, user experience and interaction design are covered on the drawing board. This is how we deliver products that delights customers while helping their core business.

Custom Applications

Sciencemosaic's experience with global brands has given us opportunity to create custom tools for various industries. Because every client is unique, we use this experience to develop a fresh solution for each new project that's perfectly tailored to your needs using the best available technology.


We deliver a high-quality, well designed, unit-tested code-base. Every revision and release is carefully reviewed, because shipping out products with failing hardware or software can cause immense damage to the business.

Over the past years we have been working with number of different technology stacks.

Software development tools we like

  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, EmberJS and Kendo UI for web front-end
  • Java J2EE (Spring, Hibernate) and PHP (Codeigniter, Laravel) for web back-end
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL for ordinary databases and our custom DB-engine for bigdata tasks
  • Java and Python with Hadoop and R for data processing and D3.js for data visualisation tasks
  • Andorid Java for mobile user interfaces
  • C# and C++ for desktop user interfaces, drivers and performance oriented tasks

Embedded platforms we like

  • Nordic Semiconductor - nRF51822 Bluetooth low energy
  • ST Microelectronics - STM32 32-bit microcontrollers
  • Freescale - Kinetis K22F ARM® Cortex®-M4 microcontrollers
  • Atmel - 8-bit AVR microcontrollers and SMART ARM-based SAM9 MCUs
  • Texas Instruments - MSP430 and CC430 low-power series, Sitara ARM® Cortex®-A8
  • Microchip - PIC 16-bit microcontrollers

Hardware stacks that we have applied

  • GSM/GPRS/3G interfaces
  • WiFi and Ethernet interfaces
  • Bluetooth 2.0 and 4.0 (BLE)
  • CAN-bus, RS-232 and RS-485
  • NFC (MiFare Classic, DESFire)
  • USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 HID-interfaces
  • Stepper motor and servo drivers
  • MIPI Camera Serial Interface
  • Motion and pressure sensors
  • Different current sensing technologies

We share office building with our good business partner Protolab.io. They are one of the best precision mechanics prototyping workshops in Estonia. All of our custom made mechanical prototypes and also many of the production parts come from Protolab's experienced operators.

Working side-by-side with Protolab means that we can iterate faster and there are fewer communication barriers when rapid changes have to implemented into the product's mechanical design.