ShutterSpeed tester

ScienceMosaic™ Shutter and shooting lag tester

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The ShutterSpeed tester is the ideal time measurement device to determine the important timing values for a digital camera system.

Product description

What you can test:

• rolling shutter speed
• rolling shutter jitter
• boot-up time of a camera system
• shooting time lag
• autofocus time
• burst frame rate
• display refresh rate
• exposure time

Key features:

• Rolling LEDs line-by-line or a column as a whole
• Adjustable timing: 50 µs to 10 s
• Number of LEDs: 120 (20 x 6)
• 5V TTL – trigger output and trigger input to interface with DUT or other equipment
• Dimension: 115 mm x 119 mm x 22 mm
• Mounting: 1/4” tripod mount, magnetic mount to stick it onto a metal surface
• Power: 5V USB-C
• Operation modes: Standalone or with a PC software (Windows 10 or 11, Linux)


More information in this promotional PDF

Software for the ShutterSpeed will be released in Q1 2023. Let us know about your interest and feature requests by writing to

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