Video and audio latency measurement system

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ScienceMosaic™ video and audio latency measurement system is intended to provide accurate way to measure latencies between different video and audio signals. It is designed as an on-field tool allowing design engineers and QA specialists accurately measure latency parameters in the AV systems.

Product description


Key features:

  • 3x high speed optical inputs to capture image changes from screens
  • 2x audio inputs to capture audio signals from device audio outputs
  • Latency measurement accuracy better than 5 milliseconds (1ms for video, 5ms for audio)
  • LCD screen and LED indicators for quick user feedback
  • Comes with Windows software that provides measurement automation and reporting


More information in PDF

The user manual is available here as a PDF

LatencyKit v0.74 (released 05/2024) (Windows 10/11) Software download: ZIP


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