Wireless audio for synchronous translation system

Ghost Innovations

Wireless multichannel audio transmitter prototype development

Ghost Innovations is a developer of hardware companions for smartphone users. Their latest product tackles the synchronous translation problem by using advanced machine learning algorithms.

Ghost Innovations asked us to add additional audio input and output channels to ordinary smartphones. They wanted to pair multiple microphone and headphones with a single smartphone to turn the ordinary Android device into voice-to-voice translation hub with their machine learning super-powers.

We used STM32 ARM processors and external high bitrate ADCs and DACs to build an Android accessory that transfers audio information between multiple wireless headsets and a single smartphone.

Key technical tasks:

  • Implementing custom USB audio stack to make in work well with Android operation system
  • Implementing wireless audio link with CC5831 and SGTL5000 codec.


We helped Ghost Innovations to validate the feasibility of the product and get their developers as set of development hardware to experiment on. As it's their goal is to get to high-volume consumer product then design for manufacturability is done by their Chinese manufacturing partners.