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We are the partner of choice for world-class hardware design and embedded software development - helping semiconductor companies and device manufacturers create innovative products and solutions and dramatically increase their speed-to-market while improving their cost efficiency. We serve OEMs across different industries, including scientific equipment, telecom, video and multimedia, security and identification, and more.

Bigdata & IoT

Collecting, storing and analyzing data from industrial sensors, network logs and other machinery connected to the so-called Internet of Things has become more feasible because of the emergence of big data technologies. ScienceMosaic has created innovative toolchain that remove the technical barriers and traditional high costs involved in analyzing huge datasets. Good bigdata tools mean, that relevant information is timely and securely extracted from noise and made accessible to every counterpart who need it.


Our software development team concentrates on what to build, and why, and our seasoned project managers ensure you understand our process every step of the way. For some clients we do full-scale development work. Most of our work these days are variations of web-applications and hardware user interfaces. Sometimes we do maintenance and help companies get started a new product with right architecture before the in-house development team takes over.

Our Services

We work across industries to bring the value of latest technologies to real enterprise applications.

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